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How to train my dog with my Cookie Squid®

1. Learn the dog to open and eat.

Add a treat without closing it. Close it more and more so the dog has to increase the effort into opening it.

2. Throw the toy

Throw it just a little bit and see if the dog goes there to open and eat. Throw further and further,

3. Shake the toy, let go when the dog bites

Let’s play together. Be active in the game. It’s important that the dog wins when it tries its best.

4. Extend play and encourage the dog to tug more.

For every little session, you are doing progress playing with the dog you can extend its time a tiny bit.

5. Create fun chase games.

When the dog starts to love the treat dispenser, you can add a handle to make your dog chase it.

6. Use the ”treat belt” if/when needed.

To be able to make the dog tug without the treat going in all directions you can use the “treat belt” on the inside and decide yourself when it’s time to let the dog have the treat under the belt.